Quick Guide to ACP's Search Function

Quick Guide to ACP's Search Function

Posted by Daniela Egloff on

Are you struggling to find the right part for your air compressor? 

To make buying the right part easier, All Compressor Parts have created a search tool that allows for OEM or alternate numbers to be cross referenced with our product equivalent. The search bar on the top of our website is not only a regular search bar but can also be used as a cross referencing resource, making it easier to find the part that you need.


The search function can be cross referenced using:

  • OEM number
  • Alternate part numbers
  • ACP part number
  • Product specifications
  • Compressor brands
  • Product type
  • Keywords


To use the search tool, just put in the number or term that you are looking for, and it will direct you to our part equivalent or all the relevant parts associated with the search term. As there can be multiple ways of writing a word or a number, it can be useful to try the different possibilities in the search bar to see if you get a match. For example, an OEM number may have dashes or spaces, so depending on how we have input the data in our system, it’s worth trying out the different variations.


Our aim is to provide a comprehensive cross referencing tool to allow our customers to find the correct part easily and accurately. As there are so many alternate part numbers, compressor brands and keywords associated with our product range, it is difficult to be able to have all the information, however we are trying our best to keep our info as accurate and up to date as possible.


Our search tool is constantly being updated, so if you can't find a match, please let us know so that we can update our database and help you out.  Contact us on 1800 800 089 or sales@allcompressorparts.com.au if you need any further help.


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