Pressure Relief Valve 1/2" 150psi 278cfm

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Technical specifications
Type Pressure Relief Valves
Size 1/2"

Pressure relief valves are used to protect compressed air systems from over-pressurization. They are factory set to a non-adjustable pressure setting, at which point the valve will release system air to atmosphere.

Safety Relief Valves need to be checked regularly to ensure they are operating correctly. This can be done by pulling the manual release ring to ensure that air releases and seals then sets back into its seat. You can then spray with a soapy water mix to ensure no bubbles show, meaning no air is leaking.

Replacement of these valves is easy:

1. Check the connection size and pressure release valve. These should be stamped on the valve.

2. Depressurise the system making sure no air remains.

3. Remove valve and replace with new valve

ACP currently offers a soft seat line of ASME-coded valves that are also CRN approved. ACP pressure relief valves meet the Australian Standard AS1271-2003.

Our brass pressure relief valves are made in the USA.

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