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Selecting and Replacing an Air Compressor Pressure Switch

Pressure Switches

Almost every air compressor has a pressure switch. The pressure switch tells the air compressor when to start and to stop.

The pressure at which a pressure switch closes is the cut-in pressure.

The pressure at which a pressure switch opens in the cut-out pressure.

The cut-in pressure should always be the lowest allowable pressure in your air system. If, for example, your equipment needs 100 psi to operate, set the cut-out pressure above 100 psi.

Since you will always have some pressure drop in your compressed air system, and since it takes some time for the compressor to 'kick in', it's better to set the cut-in pressure 10 psi higher. In our example, we would set the pressure switch at 110 psi to allow for the pressure drop in our system.

The difference between the cut-in and the cut-out pressure is the pressure differential.


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Removing Water from Compressed Air

Water is in the air that your compressor is using through its intake. So there is going to be water in your compressed air. The amount will vary depending on the temperature and humidity.

Frist Stage: Receiver (Air Tank)

This is where the first water separation happens. As compressed air leaves the pump it is at a high temperature which makes any water in the air becomes water vapour. The tank is at the temperature of its surrounding so that when the hot water vapour makes contact with the side of the tanks it creates a condensation on the inside of the tank. This condensation then runs to the bottom of the tank this is why there is a need for Drains Valves on receivers. Please see ACP’s range of Drain Valves.